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Coco + Hazel in the Community

Welcome! Here at Coco + Hazel, we take immense pride in not only crafting the most indulgent milkshakes in town but also in being a vibrant part of our local community. Need a spacious spot for business meetings, a cozy nook for remote work, or a warm ambiance for small family celebrations? Our seating area has you covered!


Our spacious open area is not just a place to savor delightful milkshakes but also a venue for community gatherings and fundraisers. Together, let's blend the flavors of our community and create sweet memories while supporting great causes. We're now hosting Spirit Nights! If you're thinking about a fundraiser for your non-profit organization or school, we're your perfect partner. Contact us today!


Host a Fundraiser

We're thrilled to extend our warm welcome to local organizations, schools, and community groups, offering our space for fundraising events that make a difference.


Spirit Nights

We're excited to host spirit nights, providing a fun and delicious way for schools and other outreach programs to raise funds and build connections.

Local Artists Needed - close up image of of stone

Local Artists

We invite you to showcase your artwork on our restaurant walls. Our eclectic space is the perfect canvas for your talent, providing a unique platform for you to share your creative vision with our diverse clientele. Join us in turning our walls into a gallery that tells the captivating stories of our community through your art.

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