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About Coco + Hazel

Coco + Hazel is a specialty milkshake and espresso bar, serving homemade ice cream and single-origin espresso from Oaxaca, Mexico, as well as locally roasted espresso from Roastology. We are located in the Bon Air neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia.


We also offer made-from-scratch cakes, pastries, and cookies. Our space is perfect for special events, birthday parties, and date nights. We even have coffee flights and vegan options available to cater to all our customers' preferences.

Our shop is open for breakfast 7 mornings a week, serving up delicious homemade biscuits, sandwiches, pastries, and more. We also offer Cupertino's Bagels. They are baked fresh daily following a traditional all-natural recipe with NO fats or preservatives, and only using unbleached unbromated flour.

Roots in Mexico

Since he was a young boy growing up in Oaxaca City, Mexico, Head Chef & Baker Eduardo remembers watching his mother cook. He described this experience as a "gift" and feels strongly that the touch and passion for cooking and baking runs in his family. After relocating to the US in 2010, Eduardo began working in kitchens, where he gained invaluable experience as a line cook, working on a grill, and handcrafting sandwiches. 


In 2019, Coco + Hazel opened our Tuckahoe location. The original founder and owner, Chelle, recruited Eduardo (her beloved brother-in-law) and encouraged him to take a deep dive into baking. As a trained and experienced baker, Chelle taught and mentored Eduardo to develop and fine tune the magical cakes, pies, and cookies that have become the heart and soul of Coco + Hazel's specialty shakes over the years. After gaining more mastery over baking, Eduardo fell into his passion for playing with unique flavor profiles and combinations and began experimenting with new recipes. Eduardo finds the combined art and science of baking to be energizing, inspiring, and beautiful. He most enjoys baking and designing cakes and cookies, but is most proud of mastering our churros, since they are baked (not fried). Eduardo's favorite flavors to explore in recipes are pumpkin, lavender, and chocolate. 


When Eduardo is not developing recipes or baking, he is spending time mountain biking or hanging out with his family and two amazing nieces, who are Coco + Hazel's namesakes. 


Our Ice Cream & Baked Goods

At Coco + Hazel, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients in our made-from-scratch cakes, pastries, and cookies that adorn our specialty milkshakes.  We offer a variety of options for our specialty milkshakes and we offer monthly and seasonal specials.

Our Coffee

We're excited to announce our partnership with locally-owned and operated Roastology. Roastology is dedicated to sourcing the finest specialty coffee from around the world. Their local roastery creates some of the most delicious roasts and their team of experts is dedicated to educating the local community on the history, art, and science of coffee. 


Coco + Hazel loves supporting small family-owned farms and cooperatives, many of them indigenous, and Roastology ensures fair prices for their coffee. At Coco + Hazel, we're now offering the unique option of adding a shot of our exquisite espresso to your shake, creating a delightful fusion of flavors and stories of quality, sustainability, and community support. We also carry retail bags of our custom-roasted coffee beans.



Everything made in our restaurant has the chance of coming in contact with nuts, milk, eggs and gluten. We do have certain items that do not contain milk and gluten and those are marked on our menu. We suggest that anyone with a deadly allergy to nuts, eggs, milk, or gluten not to eat any of our desserts.

Special Events & Catering

At Coco + Hazel, we love hosting special events, birthday parties, and date nights. Our menu includes a variety of vegan options and coffee flights to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Whether you're looking for a place to hang out with friends or celebrate a special occasion, Coco + Hazel is the perfect spot.

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